Tim Kubit

MediaTech, President

Tim Kubit, broadcast technical producer, has nearly 3 decades of experience managing groups of multi-faceted technical professionals and state of the art technology for large-scale sports and entertainment television productions. Kubit is often involved in high profile productions from their first steps through the final air product. Some of Kubit’s many credits include: the Academy Awards for ABC (1995 - 2016), the Country Music Association Awards for CBS and ABC (1995 - 2016), the Grammy Awards for CBS (1998 - 2014), the Democratic National Convention (2004 - 2012), the Country Music Fest for ABC (2009 - 2016), Restoring Courage (3 shows in Israel - 2012), the Stanley Cup Finals, the World Series, PGA Championship Golf, and countless others.

Throughout his varied career, Kubit has had an opportunity to work in most every aspect of the remote television industry in both the domestic and international markets. Most recently he has been focused on the acquisition and transmission distribution phases for both live and delivered broadcast content, as a technical producer and system design engineer. In an exciting and ever-changing part of today’s television industry, Kubit specializes in finding unique and creative solutions for difficult technical challenges.

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