TyKisha Stanford

Production Operations for Commercials and Reality Shows

TyKisha Stanford is an entrepreneur, a born storyteller, and a writer/producer/director. As a graduate from Temple University with a double-major in communications and psychology, Stanford's rise to success in the entertainment industry was kick-started on the stage, writing and directing theatre.

Her great artistic direction and originality propelled her into the world of television, film, and commercials. She has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has worked her way from a production assistant to an executive producer and an owner of a production company.

In 2011, Stanford found so much value in the real estate market that she became a general contractor and began flipping residential properties. She now owns a construction company on the East and West Coast. In 2015, in a bold move, Stanford designed and built her first co-working commercial space for entrepreneurs, called The Suites, nestled in the Topanga Village. The sprawling, eclectic space is a haven and hub for a variety of established companies and business start-ups. It comes equipped with a variety of office spaces, conference rooms, private rooms, and a futuristic kitchen that spills into a large colorful event space with massive windows boasting expansive views within the Topanga Village. Stanford insists on cutting-edge technology and audio/visual equipment to accommodate an entrepreneur’s every need. The Suites is the only black and woman owned co-working space in the Southern California region.

Stanford is a true entrepreneur who enjoys leading and teaching. She is the president and founder of GRACE, a non-profit organization that focuses on girls gaining respect, ambition, confidence, and excellence. Having gone through her own trials in her youth, Stanford has made it her mission to allow the girls of GRACE to have a place where they can come to speak their truth and celebrate the purity of their own self-worth. Stanford believes that “dreams are delivered to those who have the willingness to ride out the process of acquiring his or her dream”.

Stanford is a passionate and motivational entrepreneur, mother, and wife.

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